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Let me start off by saying my lovely header was made by smilesoftnsweet...thanks again, sweetie! Now, on to the other stuff...

Unfortunately, I don't have a creative bone in my body, but I love to read fanfic, so that's why I'm here! I have a post HERE where I post a weekly entry to keep track of the stories that I've read during the week. I won't lie, I tend to forget a few, but I'm trying. Go ahead, check them out.

I originally started off reading Buffy/Angel(us) stories. I read those for a about 2 years, and then I took a longbreak from reading fanfic.

I started reading it again in 2005 when Bones started playing on TV. I'm a sucker for Booth/Brennan stories. About this time, I stumbled upon a little site called Live Journal, and I quickly became addicted.

While reading B&B on various sites (including my newest obsession, LJ), I discovered the wonderful world of Spangel (Angel(us)/Spike). Even though I'm a sucker for B&B, I simply adore Spangel. I honestly didn't think that I would like m/m slash, but I was highly surprised when I not only liked it, I actively started seeking it out!

((Have you noticed my little pattern as to which pairings I read about?? If you haven't, it's DB...David Boreanez!))

Anyway, after this point, I started to branch out a little to see what other fandoms I would like reading about. Enter the Supernatural stories. I started off with Gen stories, and quickly became addicted. I put off reading Wincest, because honestly, I wasn't sure how I'd feel reading about two brothers having sex with each other. Turns out, I liked that, too!

From there, I accidentally stumbled upon a Jared/Jensen (J2) fic. I was actually about to completely dismiss this story and go back to my Wincest, B&B, or Spangel, but I convinced myself to give it a try. I was very hesitant about reading RPS simply because it involves real people. I'm so glad that I did decide to try it. J2 (and pretty much most CW RPS) quickly became one of my favorite pairings.

And now, thanks to a few wonderful people at LJ, I'm a huge fan of Jared Padalecki/Christian Kane. There aren't that many JP/CK fics out there, but I have found some--all of which I love! I keep track of the JP/CK stories that I've found HERE. Feel free to check those out and comment if you know of a story that I've missed. If you really into this pairing, join jaredchris!

I've tried other fandoms, but they just don't seem to capture my attention like these do. I don't read much B/A anymore, although I do have a select few stories that I like to go back and read every now and then. I haven't been keeping up with many B&B stories lately, so I'm a little behind in those. I'm still relatively new to the Supernatural fandom, so I've mainly just been reading Wincest and J2.

Well, that sums up my fanfic history. From B/A(us) to B&B to Spangel to Wincest to J2 and JP/CK.
Hope you enjoyed the little journey and that my rambling didn't scare you off.


I've also decided to start keeping track of the Supernatural/Supernatural RPS (J2) mpreg stories that I come across. Because the lists have gotten so large, I've had to break them down. You can find my Masterlist of mpreg stories HERE.

Also, I now have a del.ic.ous account, which can be found HERE. I'm slowly but surely adding stories, but I'm getting there. I only add complete stories (unless there is a WIP that's part of another verse and I just linked to the masterpost), so no need to worry about stumbling onto WIPs. Feel free to check that out, too!


Speical thanks to lidi who created the wonderful animated color Supernatural mood theme. Plus, she made several icons for me. Thanks, sweetie!


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