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Here are the rest of the links I had saved on my phone. Happy ready!


Halloween Heat (complete) by firesign10
Summary:  Jared and Jensen aren't as discreet as they think at Jason's Halloween party...

Don't Wanna Be Alone At Midnight Anymore (complete) by brokenhighways
Summary:  Jared’s spent the last six months hearing about his best friend stupid wedding. When it turns out that said best friend, Chad, won’t be able to get married unless his strict boss shows up (and actually grants him a day off), Jared agrees to seduce his boss into attending the wedding in return for some much needed rent money. What happens next makes Jared question everything.

Drop Me Off (complete) by twoboys2love
Summary:  Jensen drops Jared off at the airport and disappears to the bathroom. When he emerges, Jared's still there and his plane is leaving.

Roads Well Traveled (complete) by indysaur
Summary:  Jared's known Jensen since he was born. Jensen's his best friend. They share a house. It's not uncomplicated.

Tex Padalecki and the Last Crusade (complete) by zubeneschamali
Summary:  Continuation of this and this. For the first time, Jensen and Jared are working together on the same search for a rare artifact. But they're not the only ones looking for it, and the competition could be deadly.

Good Things Come (complete) by concernedlily
Summary:  Jensen expects great things to come out of the Supernatural audition but it comes as kind of a surprise just how great.  Companion Piece to Wait For It.

Home Steady (complete) by pocketfullof
Summary:  Jared buys a house, and Jensen makes it a home.

The Perfect Pairing (complete) by dancing_adrift & JillMarie
Summary:  Jared is the top creative consultant and event planner at Wallace Entertainment. When he gets passed over for promotion in favor of the owner's nephew, former TV star Jensen Ackles, Jared starts making plans to get out and start his own company. He doesn't care how qualified Jensen is, how supposedly nice, how good looking... But over the rush of the holidays, maybe Jensen can still change Jared's mind and persuade him to stay - with the company, and with him.

part of the Open Road verse by twin_feathers
Open Road (complete)
Summary:  Jensen is a young Harvard med student with a bright future ahead of him and Jared is the hot-headed member of the renowned biker gang 'Black Legion'. When their two worlds collide and their lives become intertwined, will they both survive with their hearts intact?
Sway and Grind (complete)
Summary:  Katie convinces the boys to hit a night club. As it turns out, Jared's not a big fan of dancing, at least not until Jensen comes up with a plan to motivate him.
As Long As You're Around (complete)
Summary:  The boys attend a New Year's party at Yale University.
Home Sweet Home (complete)
Summary:  They boys are moving to New Haven.
Pretend It's Just Us (complete)
Summary:  The boys dabble in modeling.

Honeysuckle and Pine (complete) by HalfwayToHell
Summary:  Everyone knows about the silent agreement between the human race and the ABO's. It is this reason alone that young Jared finds himself taken aback and puzzled--and a bit angered--that a man by the name of Jensen would show up to his and Sandy's engagement party, staking his claim to Jared. As far as Jared was concerned, he was human, but that seems not the case when he catches a whiff of Jensen's Alpha scent. Which then sends what he thought he knew and his life, spiraling out of control.

When the Rain Comes Down (complete) by walking_tornado
Summary:  Tormented by flashbacks of his partner's death and his part in it, Officer Jensen Ackles allows grad student Jared to help wash away the unwanted memories.

An Eye for the Furture (complete) by dugindeep
Summary:  Jensen has spent the last decade living with visions of the future. He's saved the neighbor's kid falling off a balcony, an old purple-haired lady walking into a car accident, and a landscaper from losing a limb from a chainsaw. He's so accustomed to it that it's just a nuisance at this point.  //  What's he's not used to are his newest visions starring international tech guru Jared Padalecki. And he's certainly not used to being shot at, cooped up in a cabin alone with the guy, or returning to a forgotten past that may bring him love in the future. All three happen over the course of one week that drudges up the truth behind his visions and offers a second chance to save Jared.

Wedding Favors (complete) by firesign10
Summary:  Jared and Jensen are the honor attendants for their friends' wedding. As such, they're running around town helping with all the arrangements. While they're happy to help Genevieve and Danneel, they're less than thrilled to keep bumping into each other. Each encounter only reminds them of their own engagement...the one that ended abruptly a few years ago. Can they remain civil until the ladies' big day, or will everything between them explode at the altar?

Wireless Connection (complete) by dancing_adrift & lotrspnfangirl
Summary:  Jared finds stress relief in Twitter as a second-year nursing student. Over summer break, he becomes friends with Jackles @profjackles, aka Jensen. He doesn't even know what Jensen looks like, but he can’t help from falling for the man he met online anyway. Their relationship changes unexpectedly when Jensen accepts a new job at Jared's university.  //  Nursing school is not nearly as hard as discovering that the guy you've fallen for is actually your professor.

Nothing To Lose (complete) by maryjo24
Summary:  In the new world, vampires rule and humans are their cattle. Jared Padalecki has nothing to lose and an axe to grind, and needs Lord Jensen Ackles’ help to find vengeance.

Rumble and Sway (complete) by marianna_morgan
Summary:  It’s Jensen that Jared wants someone to call when he can’t, when his world is shaking apart.

The Santa Clause Pub Run (complete) by dugindeep
Summary:  Jared is looking forward to the annual pub run to catch up with old friends and get a little happy drunk. Meeting Jensen is a bonus.

My Everything, Is You (complete) by thegreatwall0fsam
Summary:  Jensen Ackles is an Alpha, who's been in love with the most stubborn Omega in town for the last five years of his young life.

Sound Off (complete) by sarahmonious
Summary:  When Jensen answers Jared's ad for a roommate in New York City, Jared's just glad he's found someone who pays his rent on time, even if Jensen's a bit of a slob. But then Jensen starts showing up at the apartment with cuts, bruises, and other inexplicable injuries. And on top of that, Jared starts to realize he may be a little in love with Jensen. Or... maybe more than a little.

Pegasus Rising (complete) by theatregirl7299
Summary:  Jared's latest party-life transgression sends him to a new kind of rehab: equine therapy, a melding of counseling along with horse care and riding. He doesn't really care as long as he can get it done and get back to filming his new movie. He's been to rehab before and knows what to expect. What he doesn't expect is who runs the equine center—his first love, Jensen Ackles.

Baby, Come and Save Me (complete) by dimpleforyourthoughts
Summary:  Jared's a reporter with a not-so-slight crush on the city's superhero.

The Freckles In Our Eyes (complete) by samshinechester
Summary:  So, the superhero thing? The whole having cool powers, defeating villains left and right, holding back all the chicks and dudes who wanna jump into his pants schtick? Well. It’s not as great as it’s chalked out to be, really. Most of the times, it’s just a pain in the ass.  //  Allow Jensen to demonstrate.  //  (Or, how Jensen lost his powers two days.

Stick in the Mud (complete) by morrezela
Summary:  Jensen has been Movie Star Jared Padalecki's "butler" for years now. He thinks the paparazzi have made him immune to surprises.

The More I See You (complete) by elless18
Summary:  Jared and Jensen have pretty good lives. They have the show, they have good friends, and they have each other. Their relationship is maybe a little unorthodox, but they’re both perfectly happy with their friends-with-benefits agreement. After an accident leaves Jared seriously injured, he needs Jensen more than ever, and it forces them both to reevaluate some things in their lives.

Too Much Love (complete) by zaccari
Summary:  Why does somebody else get to decide what would be best for Jared without actually asking him?

Spectrum (complete) by mangacat
Summary:  Jensen is the Lord of Chaos, the King of the Night, the God of Carnage... who meets and falls in love with a very human Jared.

Emotichromism (complete) by dont_hate_me01
Summary:  Emotichromism - the ability to project your emotions through your hair color. Jared is one of only a few million people in the world that shows their emotions in this way. It makes him unique, but he has been teased throughout his young life and with the death of his mother, it drove him to silence. His father, Jeffrey Dean Morgan will do anything in his power to see his son happy again. Including, making a deal with millionaire Jensen Ackles, without taking into account what his son wants or needs. Of course, there will always be the bad guy who turns everything upside down - enter Tahmoh Penikett. Let the story begin.

All That I Ever Wanted (complete) by elless18
Summary:  Supernatural is over, and the boys aren't as close as they used to be. An unexpected phone call may change everything, if Jensen can stop freaking out long enough.

A Love Story in Twelve Scenes (complete) by oschun
Summary:  Movie industry AU. Jensen is a hot-shot film director with a notorious reputation. Jared desperately wants the job as Jensen's assistant and is willing to do what it takes to get it. Misha has a plan to help Jared.

[Won't Someone Come] Rescue Me (complete) by non_tiembo_mala
Summary:  Big things are coming soon to The Wayward Heart Band; then lead singer and guitarist Jensen discovers a box of abandoned kittens, and his personal future starts to look just as bright as his professional one.

You Knock Me Off My Feet (complete) by brokenhighways
Summary:  Jensen meets a guy that literally knocks him off his feet and decides that if they do go onto become boyfriends (or at least have smoking hot sex), he's going to have to rewrite their 'How We Met' story so that it isn't a meet-cute.
Never Mix Business With Pleasure (complete) by brokenhighways
Summary:  Jensen's not sure that dating a prospective client's nephew is a good idea.
All I Need (complete) by brokenhighways
Summary:  Jensen's never been the kind of person who obsesses over anniversaries. Yes, he has a boyfriend and yes, he's in a committed relationship but he absolutely refuses to be that guy that celebrates as many milestones as possible.
Can't Buy Love (complete) by brokenhighways
Summary:  The thing is that Jensen understands Jared's plight, he really does. Jared's a college dropout who has no idea what to do with his life and somehow he's ended up taking over the rundown bed-and-breakfast his parents once ran. The whole thing is a recipe for disaster but right now Jensen's done all he can.
Modus Vivendi (complete) by brokenhighways
Summary:  Jensen tells his clients what they can do to run their business in the best way they can. Jared's all but fought him every step of the way and Jensen's tired. He's also self-aware enough to know that he has to nip this in the bud before it destroys their relationship.

Three Long Mountains and a Wood (complete) by phoenix1966
Summary:  Alpha Jensen was satisfied with his life. He ran a business with his fellow Navy buddy and lived in a part of the country that offered him almost everything he needed to be content.  //  Almost.  //   And then, one day, an unmated omega and his daughter walked into Jensen's pub.

Not Me (complete) by sylsdarkplace
Summary:  Jared is an omega who isn’t the usual omega, and he feels like a loser. He runs into Jensen, a childhood crush who’s all grown up and a smoking hot alpha.

For All Your Days and Nights (I'm Gonna Be There) (complete) by whispered_story
Summary:  Jared returns from a days-long hunting trip to learn that the chieftain of their tribe has passed away and Jensen, his best friend, is to succeed his father. As their new leader, he faces many challenges, including having to find a spouse. But before he settles down, Jensen asks for one night with Jared first. It turns into much more.

Controlled Chaos (complete) by jenny_lynne
Summary:  Gone Heathen has been living up to their name. They're practically the Lindsay Lohans of the rock world. Everyone thinks they're headed for a catastrophe of epic proportions.  //   Jensen's not planning on being around when that happens. He's just a temp roadie until they find a replacement guitar tech. Just for a few weeks and then back to his regular life.  //   Life has a way of ignoring what Jensen thinks he wants.

#kingandqueen#otp#j2 (complete) by raeschae
Summary:  Jared has never aspired to be a great actor but he does aspire to be closer to Jensen Ackles, who aspires to be a great actor. Cue high school awkwardness and a theater kid AU that spends an embarrassingly limited amount of time in the actual theater.

American Sweetheart verse by HalfwayToHell
Champagne Lace and a Pretty Face (complete) by
Summary:  Mr. Ackles’ obsession with the boy over the webcam began months before he was to uproot himself from California and settle himself down in Texas where he had been accepted into the University of Texas at Austin as the new Literary Analysis professor. Jensen comes to realize that he is insatiable where the mystery boy is concerned—that the nights of sinful wishes and dark desires aren’t enough for him anymore—and he finds himself wanting the boy for his own—wanting to know the identity of the boy in champagne. Little does Mr. Ackles realize that the beautiful boy on the other end of the webcam is one of his new students.
Coffee Stains and Windowpanes (complete)
Summary:  Since meeting the boy over the webcam, Jensen had thought there would never be someone as lovely as him. He finds himself proven wrong on the first day of class when he meets Jared--a sweet, shy, doe-eyed boy in his Literary Analysis class. Jensen--in all of his years of teaching--had never felt the way he did when he looked at Jared. He had never felt the shuddering in his chest cavity and his dark desires whisper to him constantly. They whisper of Jared's loveliness, of how innocent he looks, and of how Jensen must have him. Ever since that moment their eyes met in his classroom, Jensen's thoughts are corrupted with the images of the freshman boy in a baggy sweatshirt and Converse.
Baggy Sweatshirts and Plaid Miniskirts (complete)
Summary:  After weeks of examining Jared, Jensen felt he was barely scraping the surface of a much bigger picture. When Jared does the unthinkable and approaches him of his own will, Jensen's dark desires run rampant inside of his mind and he can't help himself but wonder. Existing in two different fantasy worlds inhabited by the boy on the webcam and his new student, Jensen finds himself conflicted between the two--equally wanting them both as his own. A misplaced piece of evidence will lead Jensen to realize that the boy on the webcam and Jared are both the same people but different in their own unique way. In the end, Jensen swears that he will have them both as his own.
Pink Chiffon (complete)
Summary:  Jensen is finally going to meet the boy over the web cam, but is it everything he thought it would be? After his bold inquiry, Jensen makes himself question if he had truly done the right thing by inviting the boy to dinner, but he cannot bring himself to hide who he is any longer, nor can he stand the thought of never meeting the boy over the web cam soon after he makes a bold hypothesis that the boy he has been spending intimate time with on the internet, is the same boy who occupies the seat in front of his classroom desk. With all his wishful thinking, Jensen has disregarded the very real chance that after the boy over the web cam realizes who he is, that the boy will no longer want anything more to do with him. The question is this: Is Jensen ready to accept what comes next?
Disarm (complete)
Summary:  Three weeks had passed since Jensen and Jared's disastrous first meeting. Three weeks had passed since the boy had resigned from his class and Jensen was finally feeling a sense of normalcy--that is, until he is approached by two students concerned about Jared's well-being. Upon discovering about the boy's welfare, Jensen quickly realizes that he was given more than he had bargained for.
Back to the Beginning (complete)
Summary:  What was intended to be an innocent make-up dinner date, ended up being the noose that Jared unexpectedly hung himself with. After deciding it best that they start over with a clean slate, Jensen never imagined that his dark desires would surface full force again and now that he had the beautiful webcam boy so helplessly trapped in his fingers, Jensen now knows that Jared won't be able to escape his clutches anytime soon.

The Bride Wore Champagne (complete) by stripytights
Summary:  Jensen writes up weddings, and Jared takes pictures. This one is slightly different.

In The Small of My Heart (complete) by cherie_morte
Summary:  Jared is a borrower. At just under four and a half inches, it's his job to venture out into the world of bigger men in order to find and borrow (not steal) the items he needs to support his family. His whole life, Jared has lived by one rule: a borrower can never be seen. But then Jensen moves into the big house, catches Jared red-handed in the middle of a borrowing, and lets him go instead of trapping him. Jensen isn't greedy or dangerous like the giants Jared has always been warned about; he's sad and sick and, more than anything, he's lonely.
Big Talk, Little Man (complete) by cherie_morte
Summary:  Jensen's not a heavy sleeper.
Waiting to Happen (complete) by cherie_morte
Summary:  He promised not to leave.


Today's Top Story (complete) by kelleigh
Summary:  Jared has finally gotten his life on track. He's got a fast-paced job at an Austin news station, a new coworker named Danneel Harris helping him make a name for himself at the station, and a stable living situation thanks to his landlord Jensen Ackles. He has two best friends, and a massive crush on both of them. Everything is going well until he introduces Danneel to Jensen. They hit it off a little too well, leaving Jared to wonder if he's lost his chance with them for good.


This Is The Place (complete) by mistyzeo
Summary:  Lucifer's cage isn't built for Lucifer's vessel, and Sam is ejected from Hell before Dean leaves Stull Cemetery in Lawrence. But it's been hours for Dean, and days for Sam, and Sam didn't get out before the demons got their barbs into him. Dean's done fighting, and all he wants now is to keep Sam safe, and damn the consequences. When Bobby tells them they'd better lay low for a while, Dean takes the opportunity to let his brother rest and heal. And maybe figure out what Sam's wanted all his life, and what Dean needs to be happy.
Timestamp (complete) by mistyzeo
Summary:  timestamp

The Fire I Breathe (complete) by dreamlittleyo
Summary:  What if Devil's Trap had ended a little bit differently? The YED's plan backfires, and Sam's got new problems. Because power like that, once you touch it you can't put it back. (And what can they do when John Winchester learns too much?)

Waiting Games (complete) by nutkin
Summary:  The bad news is that Sam's ability is changing. The worse news is that he's having visions of him and Dean. Doing that.

Show Me How You Do That Trick (complete) by nyxocity
Summary:  Let's just call this the missing scene from episode 3x13. Why did Dean cover the camera?

Gather Me In Like a Rainstorm (complete) by dreamlittleyo
Summary:  Sam saves Dean. The problem is neither of them remembers it. Some things aren't the disasters they should be, and others can wait until later. Bobby helps as much as he can.

The Answers Don't Amount To Much (complete) by dreamlittleyo
Summary:  Dean can't run forever from what his brother has become. But maybe he doesn't have to.

Force Majeure (complete) by dreamlittleyo
Summary:  A season 4 AU Apocalypse with a dash of hope, a lot of not-so-brotherly touching, and some post-hunt hurt/comfort on the side. Also spelunking.

A Sword and Shield Victorious (complete) by dreamlittleyo
Summary:  Sam is the King of Hell. Dean thinks they need to talk. There are some revelations, confessions and unrepentant porn as the Winchesters reach a new understanding.

Mr. Congeniality (complete) by dreamlittleyo
Summary:  When Ash points Sam and Dean in the direction of a new case, they have to go undercover in an all-male beauty pageant in order to find who or what is bent on destroying it.

Doubt the Stars Are Fire (complete) by dreamlittleyo
Summary:  During Sam's senior year of high school, he and Dean got closer than they should have. A misunderstanding tore them apart, and now they have to start from scratch. It's not enough to put the past behind them. Because Sam still wants to be more than brothers, and Dean refuses to let him close.

Supernal (complete) by dreamlittleyo
Summary:  Even knowing he was special, there were a lot of things Sam never expected his destiny to include. An impressive wingspan used to be on that list.

Facta non Verba (complete) by dimeliora
Summary:  Dean is ten when Sam stops speaking, and the rest is up to him.

Entangled Alliances (complete) by rei-c
Summary:  In a world where Hunters and Witches have formed an alliance to protect humans from Rogues, Dean Winchester is a Master Hunter. The last of a long line of Hunters, Dean is on the trail of Azazel, one of the most powerful Rogues that has ever existed. Knowing that he can't Hunt the Rogue alone, Dean visits the city of Nouvelle Orleans and the High Witch who holds it. She offers him her heir, Samuel, and the two leave. In their search for Azazel, they find secrets buried beneath secrets and a stunning revelation that could change the entire world.

Far Away (complete) by delanach
Summary:  Dean Winchester is an only child. After his Mom is killed by a demon when he was four, his Dad takes him on the road to protect him. John becomes a hunter and Bobby and Caleb come into their lives. Sam Weston’s Mom died in a car wreck. He was raised by his Aunt Beth, and she knows that Sam is special. The boys first meet when Sammy is five and Dean is nine, and it becomes clear that Sam’s talents include an uncanny knack of saving Dean from harm. Over the years, Dean discovers that family doesn’t end with blood and as the yellow eyed demon continues to take its toll, friendships are tested and love develops along the way. But will any of them survive the final showdown?


My Head on the Hood of Your Car (complete) by glovered
Summary:  Dean has been dead for two years, and Sam's life has ground to a halt in Detroit. Or is it just beginning? Sam has friends, a job, and a new lease on life. So it seems only fitting that a strange sort of hell wearing his brother's face would find him there.

Crash and Learn (complete) by checkthemargins
Summary:  After Sam takes out Famine, the Winchesters aren't on very good terms. An icy road in Washingtong State might change that. It might change a lot of things.

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